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If the very first Christmas had not happened by Jennifer Lynn Heck – 23rd March

If the very first Christmas

had not happened

There would be no Easter

Without Easter

Humanity would be

hopeless and eternally lost

Therefore, the significance

and celebration of

Christmas is crucial

The Bible identifies God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and – amazingly - the one true God chooses to interact with humanity in distinct ways. In an attempt to help others develop a deep appreciation for the awesomeness of God, Jennifer Lynn Heck wrote ‘A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas’ as a conversation, held in heaven in some eternity past, between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A Heavenly Conversation One Night before Christmas © 2019 Jennifer Lynn Heck

God the Son speaks

We sovereignly know that this deceptive struggle is inside people around the world and has

been throughout all time.

Due to rebellion in its various forms, people’s decision to live in opposition to us results in a vast chasm of separation. But with intense compassion we are eager to close the gap and welcome them back with open arms. It is our desire for everyone to come to repentance and we wait patiently for those who choose to do so.

In the very moment individuals accept our gift of salvation, we rescue them from the devil’s kingdom of darkness, sin and death. We transfer them into our kingdom of light, righteousness and new life. Even before we created the world, I already purchased their freedom and forgiveness of sins.

We delight in redeeming people’s lives marred by sin. Because we greatly love individuals, we replace their stony, stubborn heart with a tender, responsive heart.

We also give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit within them. This enables them to love and follow us – no longer out of legalism, but rather out of joyful obedience with all their

heart, soul, mind and strength.

Photo: Rev Sue Murray. Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth

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