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Spring Cleaning by Jean Binta Breeze – 20th March

Spring cleaning is both a physical challenge that can take place during that time of emerging from Winter into Springtime, and a metaphor for cleaning out our 'wintery' inner selves to let the light and air into our spirits; to be ready for the Easter energy of new life, resurrection. In this poem, Spring Cleaning, by Jean Binta Breeze, a Caribbean writer, I just love the weaving of a physical task with a soul/spiritual awareness.


Psalm 23

de Lord is my shepherd

I shall not want

an she scraping

de las crumbs

of de plate

knowing ants will feed

maketh me to lie down

in green pastures

leadeth me beside de still waters

an she han washing clothes spotless

lifting dem outa de water

drying she han careful slow

pon she apron

restoreth my soul

she mixing




she filling she favourite jug

de one wid de cool palm pattern

yea though I walk

troo de valley of de

shadow of death

she opening de fridge

de cowl stapping her breath

for a motion

I will fear no evil

she put een wah she want

tek out wah she want

shut de door

for thou art wid me

thy rod an thy staff

dey comfort me

and she looking wid a far eye

pon de picture a de children

side a de almanac

pon de wall

surely goodness an mercy

shall follow me

she pick up de broom

an she sweeping

all de days of my life

an she sweeping

an I will dwell

in de house of de Lord

she sweeping out

sweeping out

shake de broom

in de wind

dus fly

she beat it gains de fence

dus fly

she cup she han

unda de pipe

an she sprinkle water

roun she

stan up

hans akimbo

she watching

all de dark spirits

departing wid de dus

sunrise in er eyes

for ever

an ever

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